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The Night Bus Hero

The Night Bus Hero

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This isn't exactly a 'story of redemption' but it does take in several angles and does so successfully, threading Hector's growing understanding of homelessness with a confusing friendship with someone he's bullied, and even a mystery/crime plot as they attempt to prove who is committing the thefts. And also that someone has been stealing statues and framing the homeless by leaving special marks that only they would understand. Chcel som odseknúť, že to slovo nie, ale Thomas určite áno, no vedel som, že by mi už nič nepovedala. I enjoyed this story very much - the tranformation of the main character, Hector, from nasty bully to hero was relatively simplistic, but effective and powerful.

I’d strongly recommend sharing this engaging story with any primary or early secondary readers in your life.

Now the author gives young readers a little journey into the world of homelessness and adds to that a bully and a series of high-profile London thefts. Help your child develop kindness and empathy with these middle grade books that inspire compassion: whether that’s towards animals, friends, or people in very different situations to your own. Hector is a troubled young boy – labelled as a bully and a menace, he is stuck in an endless cycle of rule breaking and serving detentions under teachers who tell him how troublesome he is. I can't wait to read more of Onjali's work, will definitely make sure i get my hands on 'the star outside my window' very soon. Rauf, the award-winning and best-selling author of The Boy at the Back of the Class , comes another incredible story, told with humour and heart.

Usually any bits of paper he passed to Rajesh had math equations on them or said something like “Meet me in the library by the chemistry section. Mei-­Li was frowning at Robert, and Robert was sitting up straight and looking at the ceiling as if he had never seen it before. Hrdina z nočného autobusu atypickým spôsobom prepája to ťaživé s vtipným či špinavé s čistým a svojsky nenásilným spôsobom tak ponúka náhľad do temnejších zákutí každodenného sveta i nie vždy fungujúce pozadie na prvý pohľad spokojných a šťastných rodín.

I think this so thought provoking and some incredibly interesting conversations could be had around this! Hector’s parents have little time to pay him attention after school – in fact the only attention that really feeds him is the incitement of his two friends, who cheer him on as he makes school life miserable for others. From the beginning, it's clear that Hector thinks very little of most people, and often does what he does just to annoy them. I also have a wider knowledge of the homeless after reading this, and I don't think I could ever walk past a person on the street in the same way again. As a number of threads weave together, Hector finds himself wrapped up in a crime-busting mystery as well as unwittingly embarking upon a journey of personal change that enables him to better see the world through the eyes of others.

This story highlights the topic of homelessness and explores the spectrum of attitudes that people hold towards homeless people, as well as exposing a number of common prejudices. But because Hector is telling the story we soon realise that he is dealing with troubles of his own, and as we know, most bullies are troubled humans. But it would serve her right for being the worst lunch lady we’d ever had—­always narrowing her eyes and giving us the smallest spoonfuls of the things we wanted, and plonking giant spoonfuls of the things we hated onto our plates. Na jednej strane šikana, agresívne správanie či ľahostajnosťou blízkych motivovaná snaha zaujať, na strane druhej zas život na ulici a strata domova, súdržnosť i aké-také pretĺkanie sa.Showing off one day at the park, he ends up sending a homeless man's trolley into the lake, observed by Mei-Li, a girl in his class. I could see all the lunch ladies in their bright blue uniforms staring at me with their mouths wide open, like doors someone had forgot to shut. This boy isn’t a likeable rogue or the class clown, he’s an annoying bully who thrives on the admiration of his bullying friends.

It raises issues I'd like to have a context for so that we can then use for discussions, and Hector is engaging and a character you really want to see change a little. I have read many of these authors books and I have loved this one the most as it makes you want to continue reading it and its very fun and interesting to read. A quote from it really stuck in my head, on page 276 Catwomen says “Maybe no matter how rich some people get, it's never enough for them.I find I don’t enjoy books with main characters who are all “good” or all “bad”; I am bored equally by both extremes.

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