Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation

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Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation

Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation

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With proper meditation, the power of contacting reality within yourself for even twenty minutes a day can grow so strong that you can spend the remaining twenty three hours and forty minutes of the day out in the world without losing the feeling of assurance and inner joy. I feel like they’re trying to establish a low point so that once the girls are strong enough to fight back (point to note: the girls literally become resigned to the abuse about 3/4 of the way into the book, just accepting that this how they should be treated until they’re strong enough to stop it. Over the years, her services have assisted me through many life transitions and I am not sure where I would have been without the support of her astrological insights and vibrational healing. By understanding the astrological sign opposite your natal Mercury sign, you can come into greater harmony. We know what actions lead inevitably to pain, and if we do not want pain, we do not do those actions.

We have advanced in our understanding of astrology beyond the general themes of the world at large and made connections to personal development and growth. There is no way of getting around it, pain would be an unavoidable consequence of taking that action. As the beginning student advances in his or her studies of astrology, much more complex and detailed modifications of these analyses will be seen.

Studying the stars has been considered highly relevant over long periods of time simply because it has proven to be accurate and insightful. For instance, the student will discover the mathematical relationships existing between planets, known as aspects. THE astrology chart is a mathematical graph depicting the exact location of each of the planets at the moment of your birth. It is neither scientific nor realistic and thus does not produce results that are consistently satisfying. The first step is to understand your habitual internal workings, the ways that your Mercury sign naturally communicates and thinks.

If that wasn’t big enough, in March, Pluto (the planet of transformation and permanent life changes) is entering Aquarius (the signs that harbors an unemotional, unattached, sometimes seemingly heartless vibe), which is a key energy of 2023, since Pluto hasn’t been in the sign of Aquarius since the late 18th century, per McCord.These energies can help you depersonalize and step back from situations so you can see other viewpoints. Well, since the mind is not programmed to handle love, as soon as you feel it, it pops the mind from its attachment to the world back into the heart center (where it is naturally attached), and for a while you’re happy because for a while you’re home. It was common for kings, queens, and privileged individuals to consult astrologers for guidance on political events, as well as for personal advice about when to hold weddings or significant occasions. These cultures all boasted a rich tradition of keen star watchers who tracked the Sun and Moon, and the planets that were close to the Earth. Astrology can be approached from many different perspectives—Vedic (Sidereal), traditional (Hellenistic), mundane, evolutionary, medical, horary, electional, and more.

That happiness lasts until the mind becomes restless and begins to say, "Well, if a million made us this happy, think how happy two million will make us. After decades of studying astrology and examining thousands of natal charts of clients around the globe, I have observed that the most profound self-revelations emerge from knowing more about your five personal planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Astrology translates that energy into your life themes, your self-identity, and your personality traits.Awakening Astrology cuts through this confusion by taking a deeper look at just the five key planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars—that are most fundamentally connected to your core personality energies. For example, if you were to start your automobile, rev it up to forty miles per hour, and drive into a brick wall, you know that would inevitably lead to pain. It feels like a cheap caricature to me (Oh, also if you’re a mega fan and reading this is Diego a nymph or is that just extremely heavy handed misdirection? The actions that the “”romantic interests”” take in this book are not just dubious consent, but nonconsensual in the text.

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